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VA – The Odyssey Follow It’s Course

September 22nd, 2010

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Hydropanic – Dysfunction (150bpm)
Yolokonoko (Oxidelic and Yara) vs Malkaviam – Latigazo Cerebral (153bpm)
Fatal Discord – Phonophobia (153bpm)
Kabayun vs Sixty Cylcles – Tablesaw Boogie (155bpm)
Aremakki – Jetlag Sickness (156bpm)
Sick Minds – Its Back Motherfuckers (160bpm)
Naverius – Cum On Again (160bpm)
Rawar – The Core (200bpm)
Speed Demon – Beast Beat (146bpm)
Mastered by Artists themself

WAV Download Link: (610 MB)

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