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V/A – Dusha Lesa [ Gliese 581C Records ]

March 24th, 2011

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Gliese 581C getting BPMs higher than usual and discovering another sonic reality full of deep and twisted tales.


1. Laboratory X – Ocean Deep (Element – Water)
2. BeEPsy – Killer Bee
3. Disia – Skog
4. Hypnotic Mushroom – Stalker
5. Drakphaser – Demonoiied
6. Khaos Sektor – Eskizofrania
7. Aazazel – Feralas Trip
8. Limbo – Nothing Isn’t Secure
9. StiTch vs Gregor – Forest Paraz1t
10. Hyperactive Mould – Dark Water
11. Psychogenes – Manhunt
12. Embosorbic – Psiholog

Download here or here

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  1. parth

    m lookin for somthing like “heavyweight’ of infected mushroom,thats the best trance i’ve heard”plz suggest somthin like that”…

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