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February 4th, 2009

Ektoplazm January releases


Initiation. Artist: Xamanist (Portugal).

MP3 | FLAC | WAV | Buy It



Mind Control EP. Artist: Luminexia (Russia).

MP3 | FLAC | WAV | Link



Helicon Vedas. a dark-psy V.A. album from World




Beyond Reach EP – Artist: Anakoluth (Switzerland).

MP3 | FLAC | WAV | Link


11 Responses

  1. Alle Costa

    Hello Friend, I know pro there?

    I Alle Costa, Brazilian and I am surfing the net I found the site for you. I would say that is a great site to search for new artists. I wonder if you can post a set in the site of you.
    Per hour would be this. Grateful for the attention and success always.


  2. mdma

    Sure! mail me a link to your MP3 (and CD cover, if possible)

  3. Aiem

    What’s up, great site dude, i’ve found another site like this, it’s very cool, check out:

  4. mdma

    Thanks Aiem but… this is not the same kind of site: offer links to unauthorized copies, I would mean “pirate” music. The admin is asking for money, in my country (Spain) this is not legal and is actively prosecuted by the law.

    All music in is 100% legal to download and listen.

  5. Max Syu

    Greetings from Russia!
    Hope you enjoy tunes from Luminexia, greatest magician of Saint-Petersburg.

  6. vivek

    we the viewers r vry happy wid ur site for giving us free oppurtunity to download trance music, we expect more dark psy with BPM up to 200, thank u.

  7. sam

    this site rocks man…. thank u

  8. mdma

    many thanks! 🙂

  9. steveB

    so many talented artists willing to give great tunes for our pleasure free, thank you all.

  10. Jao

    great site dude, tks for sharing!

  11. psycow

    esta dem bueno felicidades

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