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Psy techno from Greece

April 7th, 2009

Sentna wrote me a mail presenting this nice psychedelic tech albums:

This is the two years old Sentna‘s debut album, Nuhlimkilaka (bringer of confusion). It has been released by Psychotropic Records and it sounds like organic shamanistic psy techno. The thematic focus in Native Americans Tribes philosophy and culture.

Tech Nald: This is the second Sentna album release by Psychotropic Records. Mainly the style is psychedelic tech trance, atmospheric with weird mechanical sounds. Recordings took place at Zero Point Studios and the overall production made by Flowers In Concrete Pro.


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6 Responses

  1. DJ Drac

    A little different but well worth listening to.Looking forward to any additional

  2. heri


  3. Dr.Dizzy(Wicked)

    SUPER psy techno 😉

  4. Arry

    Your posting really straigehtend me out. Thanks!

  5. uxbgtrho

    tSauSl yzwdcifngtoj

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