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Killer Struckxured – Psycho Gangsters Trippin’

January 31st, 2011

Warning: Indians please do not listen this with your parents.


Artist: Killer Struckxured.
Disc: Psycho Gangsters Trippin’
Release Date: 21/12/2010
Style: Night Psytrance
Format: mp3
Bitrate: 320kbps
Length: 0:52:23
Size: 119.43 Mb

  • HappyBday [Intro & Outro]
  • Quest for B….[Script]
  • Illegal Sensation – Happy Bastards
  • Gang Introduces….[Script]
  • Chris Rich – Disgusting
  • Impractical Dialogues….[Script]
  • Orca – Make a Groove
  • Karr-za-kay….[Script]
  • Orca – Magic Medicine
  • Imbu Katela….[Script]
  • Concept vs Tryon – Contaminate
  • Scorb – Kakah Tooki
  • Mr.Pansy….[Script]
  • Organikka – How to become a Superhero
  • Disco Dance ….[Script]
  • Deep Brain – Seneitized

Download, listen, laugh and enjoy [Xmas n New Year]

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5 Responses

  1. PsyAmb


    Cool site. Good to see people who are passionate about the music and willing to work hard and spread the love. We should do a link exchange some time.


  2. pramod

    mindblowing fucking amazing

  3. Gandu

    Indian Parents Love your Music. so do other parents from other countries.

  4. Sandip Bhalla

    Then do follow,support, and give ur feedback at

  5. Bulla Rakta Hoon Khulla

    Kya baat hai yaar, i need some more of these. What an idea sirji!!

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