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Hispanodelia: psy-trance from Argentina, Bolivia, Chile, Colombia and Mexico

April 6th, 2008

Israel, Europe, Asia… ¿But what’s moving on latin psytrance scene?

I liked very much Hispanodelia 2. Copy/Paste:

Once again the psychedelic artists of Hispano-America get together under one freely lysergic flag for this second entry.

The forces has been double to bring a double pack very well equilibrated , where the public will be able to find music styles for all tastes.

1st v/a artists got together again with new acts to re-enforce an Americas trip of almost 2 hours of duration , getting trough relax moments to an energetic shocks or the dance floor.

Argentina Bolivia Chile Colombia and Mexico come together in the “wonderland country” brining you a free ticket to enter the trip.

Get your passenger sit Now!

You can also download all traks in a compressed file.

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  1. shiva

    muy bueno. gracias

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