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The Prophecy – 1.16 Vs Mucora ( LP )

September 1st, 2016

mucoprophecy.png (385 KB)

1.- 1.16 Vs Mucora – Tales From The Dark Cosmos / 146 BPM
2.- 1.16 Vs Mucora – The Prophecy / 147 BPM
3.- 1.16 Vs Mucora – Space Time Singularity / 146 BPM
4.- 1.16 Vs Mucora – Ikeda / 146 BPM
5.- 1.16 Vs Mucora – Release me From Jail / 147 BPM

W&p by Irving Lagunes Gomez & Julio Mucora at Hoof Studios ® México

Mind Manipulation Device Records (MMD) ®

V.A. Power Of Unity – Subtrance Crew 2016

May 2nd, 2016

lamiendomichiche.jpg (487 KB)

01 Blazing Noise and Future Monkeys – Dr who is the Blazing Monkeys
02 Break System feat Skynet – Fall Rains
03 Geometryk – Neurotransmitter
04 Knock Out – Come With Us
05 Mucora – Chingon
06 Domination – Sinister
07 Kontrax vs TCN – El enlace oculto
08 Roby vs React – The unforgiven
09 Mappler – Labyrinth


Mr. Hyde – Magic Jungle

May 2nd, 2016

alien_jungle_by_meckanicalmind-d5x0s2z_1200.jpg (437 KB)

This is a new project of progressive trance, nice music 😉


VA – Riders on the Storm

April 25th, 2016

Artwork-display.jpg (404 KB)

1 Kalilaskov AS – We Came in Peace [147 BPM]
2 Saga – Alchemy To Harmony [170 BPM]
3 Dhrupad – The Wild Child [173 BPM]
4 aGh0Ri TanTriK – Evil Inside [190 BPM]
5 Cyberbaba – Cybernetic Omkara [164 BPM]
6 aGh0Ri TanTriK – Good Bye Evil World [190 BPM]
7 Sick Lion – Death Signal [200 BPM]
8 Parasite – Maha Avatar [190 BPM]
9 Psydrax – I’m Crazy [175 BPM]
10 Mr. Hades – Therapy [184 BPM]
11 M.M.C. – Kto zdes [172 BPM]

MP3 Pack:

HD WAV [48 Khz 24 bit]:

WAV Pack:

Bitkit – The Pattern (Distortion Trip Remix)

November 16th, 2015

the pattern.jpg (106 KB)



Genetic modulation

November 16th, 2015

darkpsytrance.jpg (22 KB)

caotiK Syndrom3 is a dj & composer of psytrance style from Italy .

A way to heaven

November 16th, 2015

a way to heaven2.jpg (97 KB)

New trasck by caotiK Syndrom3 , italian dj & composer of psy music born in 1983

VA – Journey to Gaia (2013)

May 13th, 2015

1239533_589843627725664_1287093396_n.jpg (188 KB)

Flying Woofer Recs Presents VA – Journey to Gaia

01. Avant Garde vs. Audio Control – Rise (135 BPM)
02. Amiranu – The Rainbow God (143 BPM)
03. Eto Moe – Rack Rack (138 BPM)
04. Organic Distortion – Power Nap (140 BPM)
05. Neological Vibration – Smurfs on Surf (144 BPM)
06. Stigmouleur – Tirako (142 BPM)
07. Logman N Pstump – The Trip Train (143 BPM)
08. Xamanik – Psychedelic Tribe (139 BPM)
09. Jetlux – New Orbits [Konflux edit] (146 BPM)
10. JamDay – Funky Armydillo (138 BPM)

Access it in MP3 320 / WAV here:—journey-to-gaia

EP Virtual Abstract

May 13th, 2015

virtual-abstract-artwork-recto-web.jpg (258 KB)

Artist: PSYYPS
Album: Virtual Abstract
Release Date: 05.11.2013
Genre: Psytrance, full-on
Quality: MP3
Bitrate: 320kbps

1. Swimming Among the Stars
2. Reflection of the infinite
3. The power of fiction
4. Psychedelic cafe

Artwork : Visuelalternatif

Download :

DHARMA SECTIO DIVINA – Music as an Act of Magic

May 13th, 2015

DHARMA SECTIO DIVINA (Mansion Records).jpg (324 KB)

DHARMA SECTIO DIVINA is a South African solo music project. I attempt to break away from the commercial and typical. The sing-a-long or ‘”jolly” style. Instead, this music has very deep underlying roots. I put emphasis on our forgotten eastern truths and abilities. It deals with the unknown, the occult, hidden codes etc. The songs have been produces to reflect certain wave-lengths. It is a tool to the astral, sub-conscious and/or trance state. This music is truly an act of magic!


GB – Watching You

May 13th, 2015

GB-EP-Watching-You.png (69 KB)

New Life Vol. I – Compiled by Krachen (Juicy Noise Records)

May 13th, 2015

New Life Vol. 1 Complied by Krachen New klein.jpg (218 KB)

New Life Vol. I – Compiled by Krachen
Progressive Trance & Psychedelic Trance Compilation
by Juicy Noise Records Berlin
20 Tracks
Download Link:

All Tracks for Free Download!

Respectral (Free Psytrance & Full On)

May 13th, 2015

master500.jpg (69 KB)

Respectral’s SoundCloud

[Prog Psy] Sweep – Sleepwalkers (2012, FLAC, Wonkay Recs)

June 25th, 2013

3180771246-1.jpg (26 KB)

1.Let’s play
2.Chase the rabbit
3.Tales from greece

Be prepared to be swept away! Sweep’s Sleepwalkers EP demonstrates a beautiful blend of solid bass lines and flowing melodies to create a full bodied sound sending you on a flowing progression through trance. Previously working with Post Traumatic this artist has proved his musical diversity, forcing you into groove..

What are you waiting for! Go get your free download!

Expect to see this character rocking dance floors this 2012.
released 30 July 2012
Mastered by Sweep
Graphics by Orful Comics

Download FLAC Pack (151.35 MB):

VA – Chilean Dark Mafia (Phrenetic Tales, 2013)

June 25th, 2013

front.jpg (42 KB)

Phrenetic is proud to release his third compilation, a special album that mark a end of a era for Mexkline. “Thanks to all, for give me the opportunity to make all my dreams come true, this is my gift to all darkness lovers in Chile.”

Compiled By: Mexkline
Mastered by MExkline at Merki Studio
Artwork and Digital Art by Jose Amunategui


02.Xaman Ek–Fruto de la Luna
03.Kujata–End of Wars
04.Ajahni–Entering the 5th Dimensionars
05.Mexkline–The 4th Kind
07.Chronopium–Lucid Wet Dream
09.Nunca Mas

Download WAV PACK:

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